Online Journalists Share the Joy and Pain of Digital Publishing

Trip Jennings from New Mexico in Depth and Marissa Demarco from New Mexico Compass shared the ups and downs of online journalism at the Sept. meeting of Albuquerque Press Women. The two website editors are searching for a successful business model as they decide how to target their coverage of local events.

They spent some time discussing the need to choose the issues they cover since a start-up publication can’t explore all the issues the way that a traditional print publican might.

They also explored the time and effort it takes to become a non-profit corporation. Demarco says the NM Compass has applied for non-profit status with the IRS, but that they have no indication about when that might be granted. She and Jennings spoke about the difficulties involved in learning the back- end part of the business of journalism while trying to operate a competitive publication.

Albuquerque Press Women are interested in writing, journalism and the business of writing for a living.  Everyone is welcome at the monthly luncheons although reservations must be made in advance.   APW meet monthly at noon in the MCM Elegante Hotel in Albuquerque.  The next monthly luncheon meeting is Oct. 14.