New Mexico Press Women rock the boat at their 2016 Conference in Albuquerque

potterNew Mexico Press Women will hold their 2016 state conference at the Bosque Retreat Center in Albuquerque on April 22-23.The conference will open with a dessert reception and well-known Storyteller Susi Wolfe setting the tone for an examination of possibilities for journalists and writers.

The conference theme is “Shaping the Future of New Mexico: Our role and citizens and journalists.”

Keynote speaker on Saturday evening will be Winthrop Quigley, one of the most original voices searching for truth in the state and Up Front columnist for the Albuquerque Journal. Also on Saturday evening the statewide winners of the New Mexico Press Women 2016 awards will be announced and recognized.

The speakers and panelists will explore what’s not being discussed in the public conversation or mainstream media about important issues. A series of panel discussions on “Land and Water”, “Crime and Justice” and “A Deeper Truth” will explore unsaid things in important areas. The conference is open to members and non-members alike. Please join us as moderator and renowned writer Sherry Robinson talks with journalist Laura Paskus from online publication “New Mexico in Depth,” land use attorney Anita Miller and the director of conservation programs Laura McCarthy about what New Mexicans ought to know – but don’t about the ever simmering tensions involving water and land use issues.

“A Deeper Truth” will be a lively discussion of the unexplored in current issues of public policy between former democratic gubernatorial candidate Alan Webber, former republican state representative, and gubernatorial and senate candidate Janice Arnold Jones along with moderator Merillee Danneman who writes on issues of public policy for New Mexico News Service.

The “Crime and Justice” panel with free-lance reporter and award-winning investigative journal Peter St. Cyr, newly appointed New Mexico Supreme Court Justice Judith Nakamura and moderated by Albuquerque Journal reporter Scott Sandlin with be a fresh look at issues that make the enforcement of justice in the New Mexico judicial system such a challenge.

The Zia Lunch will introduce best book winners of the New Mexico Press Women Zia Award. The award this year will go to the author of the best book of fiction. Talk with the winners and buy a book. The Albuquerque bookstore BookworksRo will have some of their most interesting titles for sale.

Registration for members and non-members is available at the New Mexico Press Women website. The deadline for registration is April 10.

Do something really interesting with your weekend and join us on April 22 and 23.