Albuquerque Press Women to Hear About Impeachment and the Constitution

Peter Kierst

Albuquerque Press Women and Friends will host University of New Mexico Lecturer Peter Kierst on Monday, February 10 at 11:30 a.m. at Mimi’s Restaurant 4316 The 25 Way to discuss President Trump’s Impeachment Trial and the Constitution.

We are living in a complex time when it is hard to unravel just how the three branches of government are supposed to work with each other. President Donald Trump is on trial for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Is this how the framers of the constitution pictured the process of impeachment?

Kierst has taught courses on the “Powers of the Presidency” at the UNM Department of Political Science and has researched how recent court rulings have affected the flow of money in American politics.

Please join us for an interesting conversation on constitutional politics and democracy. Anyone is welcome at meetings of APWF. We order from the menu at Mimi’s and non-members are charged an additional $5. Albuquerque Press Women and Friends consists of people working in the communications field.