There are many benefits for joining Albuquerque Press Women and Friends.  You are able to meet regularly with a great group of writers working in a wide variety of fields in the city.

  • Great connections and exchange of ideas at the Albuquerque Press Women and Friends monthly luncheons
  • Learn of job and freelance opportunities
  • Members may promote their services on the Albuquerque Press Women and Friends Web site and also link to their personal web sites at no charge
  • No cost other than for food ordered for monthly luncheons; non-members pay additional $5
  • Frequent E-GRAMs that serve as a newsletter directly to your computer

In addition, APWF offers through it’s affiliation with the National Federation of Press Women, affordable state-of-the-art Media Liability Insurance.

Media liability insurance coverage is critical to members of the press. Anyone who is in the business of gathering and communicating information, regardless of the type of information or the medium of communication involved, incurs potentially significant liability exposures, particularly in this age of heightened media scrutiny.

In the past, this coverage has been available only to large media entities such as publishing and broadcasting companies. Freelancers and other individual communicators and media professionals have been left to hope they are covered by the publications to which they contribute which frequently is not the case or else pay large premiums to purchase stand-alone media liability policies.

Chubb Specialty Insurance, a specialist in media liability coverage, has developed a media liability insurance program exclusively for the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW). The program is affordably priced and is administered by Walterry Insurance Brokers, a brokerage firm that has been providing media liability coverage for over 20 years.

For only $485 per year (including tax), NFPW members can obtain state-of-the-art media liability coverage with the following features:

• A dedicated policy limit of $300,000 per claim and $500,000 aggregate, which
includes coverage for defense costs as well as settlements and judgments.
• Comprehensive coverage for all claims arising out of the gathering and
communicating of information, including (but not limited to) libel, slander, invasion
of privacy, and copyright infringement. This is significantly broader coverage than
other media liability policies on the market.
• Coverage for the legal costs incurred in challenging subpoenas seeking
confidential news-gathering information. This additional coverage will give you the
financial wherewithal to resist intrusions into the confidentiality of the newsgathering
• Punitive damages coverage to the extent permitted by law.
• Confidential sources are fully protected. The policy allows you to protect the
identity of confidential sources, even if this compromises the ability to defend a
• Worldwide coverage. The policy provides coverage for press activities engaged in
by you, and claims asserted against you, anywhere in the world.

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